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4045 Long Face Landing Newel Post

4045 Long Face Landing Newel Post



The 4045 Long Face Landing Wood Newel Post (Mushroom Top) has a longer face to accommodate the change in rise between the first run and the second run of the staircase. Normally used to transition between two different levels of rail without the use of a special fitting.

  • 3" width - 54" height
  • 13" square top block - 22-1/2" square bottom block
  • 3" mushroom top - 15-1/2" turned middle
  • Install using our Newel Post Mounting Kit 

Caution: It is critical that the newel is attached securely in order for the staircase to comply with local building codes.

Our Wood Newel Posts are available in a wide variety of species including: Oak, Poplar, Cherry, Maple, Mahogany, Alder and more. 

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