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Mega Flat Shoe for 3/4" Metal Balusters with Set Screw

Mega Flat Shoe for 3/4" Metal Balusters with Set Screw


Our 3/4" Mega Baluster Flat Base Shoes are designed to be used as a cover for the drilled hole created during the installation on the balcony cap or steps. 

Flat base shoes can be fastened to either the top or bottom of the Iron Baluster. 

  • Use a flat shoe where the baluster is installed in a level run
  • Can be used at the top and bottom of 3/4" square iron balusters
  • Includes a Hex socket head set screw
  • Will work with all balusters listed as 3/4" square
  • Use 2.5mm Allen wrench to secure set screw

Use 1 flat shoe for each baluster on a rake run & 2 flat shoes for each baluster on a level run.

Note: In order to make the installation simpler, faster, and to reduce the chance of slipping we recommend you glue shoes down with adhesive or epoxy. This method will save a lot of time, and shoe alignment will be easier.

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