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Pitch Shoes

Our iron baluster pitch/angled shoes are specifically designed to conceal the hole that is drilled at the top, where the baluster is inserted into a handrail that is running in angle and at the bottom whenever the balusters are installed on a slanted area, kneewall or into a descending (angled) stringer. They are made out of aluminum and come with a hex socket head set screw used to secure the base shoe to the iron baluster. Pitch/angled base shoes can be fasten to either the top or bottom of the Iron Baluster. We offer base shoes to match all our iron baluster designs. 

Note: In order to make the installation simpler, faster, and to reduce the chance of slipping we recommed you glue shoes down with adhesive or epoxy. This method will save a lot of time, no tools are required and shoe alignment will be easier.